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Adventurer's Project
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Adventurer's Project is just that... a project.  And it is currently and unincorporated 3rd party to any distance trail agency.  It's mission to produce a "genesis," or to build up enough prospective members to become one day become a chapter under the Buckeye Trail Association, or a non-profit of it own at a later time.  Until it does, it has doesn't have any assets, is unable to retain money and can not make any profits.  This website and any equipment used are owned, or leased by supporters.  All donations are requested to be made to the Buckeye Trail, or North Country Trail Associations.  Both distance trail agencies are IRS 501(c)3 non-profits.  This project works within their mission to ensure a route for hiking.

As the project is in the beginning stages to becoming something more established, it will assume as many of the roles of a Buckeye Trail Association chapter as local volunteer numbers permit.  In other words, it can host lead hikes, shuttle services, volunteer opportunities, and highlight access to services relevant to hikers.  Our education is limited to presentations, trail promotion and working with historical societies to help further the content in the Buckeye Trail Association's Road Fork and Whipple Section map & guides.  It also works to give hikers an overall "menu" of things to enjoy when they come from out of the area.

Both sections are only in 4 Ohio counties.  But the project covers a 14 county area between the Muskingum Lakes and Little Cities of the Forest Chapters of the Buckeye Trail Association.  It consists of part of Morgan, Noble and Washington Counties of Ohio, then Wetzel, Tyler, Ritchie, Doddridge, most of Marshall Counties and the remainder of the Mid-Ohio Valley in West Virginia.

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