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If your a family member of a hiker, particularly one who is hiking on the BT/ NCT in Far SE Ohio, welcome!  It is our hope that you find this resource helpful.  You hiker may downplay concerns, but we won't.  What you need to know is that the crime rate on the Buckeye Trail is rather non-existent, to the end that it's never been needed to be measured before.  On either Buckeye, or North Country Trail, a hiker might have to traverse 1,000 miles to meet another one with similar intentions.  One of the hardest things for those with Appalachian Trail experience is that this trail is very lonely, even on road it can be isolating to them.  With our last female thru hiker, there were absolutely no indications that she was being stalked.


Marijuana cultivation is taken very seriously by local law enforcement.  It usually happens off-trail, deeper into the interior of governmental reservations.  This has happened in the Marietta Unit of The Wayne before.  The crops can be booby trapped, or protected by individuals.  But seldom do hikers ever venture far from the trail.

The Marietta Unit is located in Far SE Ohio.  This is the most strenuous, and perhaps the most remote area on the Buckeye Trail.  Even the most seasoned hikers can underestimate the terrain and their water consumption.  Adventurer's Chapter is like a proto chapter.  While The Wayne lifted an advisory recommending against water filtering from natural sources to the presence of atmospheric mining contamination, the fact remains that modern science works by consensus and we're informed that this still has it.  The route of the BT/ NCT travels through this area where there are no towns, or services.  Adventurer's Project can resupply your hiker with water, perhaps food resupply daily if requested.

You may be able to track your hiker.  There are devices and services, but probably the cheapest way is if the hiker has an Android based smartphone.  In the "Maps" app, the hiker would tap the three horizontal lines (hamburger button)-> Location Sharing.  It is best that the recipient have a gMail account.  They'd select you to receive their position.

If you do not have a gMail account, your hiker would have to reinstate your permission to have their location every three days.  With a gMail account, they can leave it on indefinitely.  On the Road Fork and Whipple Sections of the Buckeye Trail (North Country concurrent), there can large areas that are without cellular signal.  When either that, or when they power off their smartphones (or run out of battery), Google will report their last known position.  When they come back in to service, their position on the map will be updated. 

During the times when they're out of signal, if we have there permission, are friended on their Facebook profile, volunteers can report that they were the last people to see your hiker, let the audience know that they dropped of their resupply and that the hiker is alright.  We may be able to do this as soon as we come back into signal on the way out of the forest?

For resupply, we have a set of walkie talkies.  A couple of them have weather band radios built in.  Delays do happen, either with our volunteers, or hikers on the trail.  If they do not make their resupply on time, we may go looking for them?  It's best between the hiker and volunteer that they set a time based on the worst case scenario.  In the past, we've used 7:30pm EDT in the summer.  If they don't make that time, it usually gives us 45 minutes of daylight to try and find them.

With all the modern marvels in technology, hikers can choose to remain anonymous.  They can refuse our services, hikers can choose to remain anonymous, or ask that we not report their positions. 

If you have any questions about this area, please e-mail

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