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Yellow = rough, perhaps impassable during winter conditions and after the spring rains?

Campsite/ Campground and Lodging Information for Non-Thru, Multi-Day Hikers
for Adventurer's Project's Coverage Area
Counties with a "BT/NCT" are ones that the Buckeye/ North Country Trail passes through.  BT/NCT+ are ones where the trail is not routed through it, but some of it's amenities are within 30 miles of the BT/ NCT.  Example cities are italicized.


Mid-Ohio Valley Region

BT/NCT Washington County
Marietta, Belpre, Beverly, Devola, Lowell, New Matamoras, Newport, Reno

Other Parts of Ohio

BT/NCT Monroe County

Woodsfield, Fly, Sardis

BT/NCT Morgan County

BT/NCT Noble County

Caldwell, Belle Valley, East Union


Upper Ohio Valley Region

Marshall County

Moundsville, Lynn Camp, New Vrindaban, Proctor

BT/NCT+ Tyler County

Middleborne, Sistersville

BT/NCT+ Wetzel County

New Martinsville, Pine Grove

Mid-Ohio Valley Region

Calhoun County

Grantsville, Arnoldsburg

Jackson County


BT/NCT+ Pleasants County

St. Marys

Roane County


Wirt County


BT/NCT+ Wood County

Parkersburg, Happy Valley, Mineral Wells, Vienna, Williamstown

Google Maps and Earth Help When Expressing Road Names

This data contains locations and examples on how to express county and township road names that have a number on, or intersecting the Road Fork and Whipple Sections - Buckeye Trail (North Country concurrent).  There is some overlap. If you need to express a road name where this data overlaps, you'll need to try to input the road that your searching for using both examples.

County Roads

Monroe County: Co Rd 12 or Co Hwy 88

Morgan County: Co Rd 32

Noble County: Co Rd 75

Washington County: C9

Road Fork Section (7/2011 BT Map)


Points 1 - 22: Township Hwy 575

Marietta Unit of The Wayne on the Road Fork Section

Point 21/ Ring Mill Campground/ Walter Ring House and Mill Site to Point 22/ Co Hwy 88: Township Hwy 314
Point 22/ Co Hwy 88 to Point 23/ Township Hwy 99: Township Hwy 575
Point 23/ Township Hwy 99 to Point 24/ Rinard Mills Rd/ C138: Township Rd 410
Point 24/ Rinard Mills Rd/ C138 to Point 26/ North Country/ Buckeye Trailhead @ Ohio 260: Township Rd 438
Point 26/ North Country/ Buckeye Trailhead @ Ohio 260 to Point 29/ Jackson Run Rd/ Township Rd 410
Point 28/ Spur to Archer's Fork Trailhead @ St. Patrick Cemetery to Point 30/ Wards Rd/ Township Rd 421: Township Rd 414
Point 30/ Wards Rd/ Township Rd 421 to Point 31/ Scenic River Trailhead @ C9: Township Rd 414


Whipple Section (10/2010 BT Map)

Marietta Unit of The Wayne on the Whipple Section

Point 1/ Scenic River Trailhead @ C9 to Point 4/ Bear Run Rd/ C25: Township Rd 414

Point 4/ Bear Run Rd/ C25 to Point 6/ Brooks/ Township Hwy 94 by Cow Run Rds/ Township Hwy 19: Township Hwy 19



Points 6 - 8: Township Hwy 19

Points 8 - 13: T331
Points 13 - 16: Township Road 316
Points 15 - 19: T74

Points 18 - 24: Township Hwy 232

Off-road Loops in the Area:

      Archer's Fork Loop Trail: 13.32 miles around.  The Road Fork Section - Buckeye/ North Country National Scenic Trail is concurrent along its west side for 8.65 miles.  Webmaster note: the US Forest Service reports this loop's length to be 9.5 miles, but based on what I've heard so far, it should be closer to 14?

      Lamping Homestead Loop Trail: 3.81 miles around.  The Road Fork Section - Buckeye/ North Country National Scenic Trail is concurrent along it's east side for 1.81 miles.

      Kinderhook Horseback Riding System - Loop: 10.37 miles around.

      Best Backpacker Option: Road Fork Section - BT/ NCNST, Point 21/ Ring Mill C/ Walter Ring House and Mill Site to the Whipple Section - BT/ NCNST, Point 06/ Brooks (Township Rd 94) by Cow Run Roads (Township Rd 19) + Scenic River/ Greenwood Trails + Big Run Road/ Township 414 + Kinderhook Horseback Riding System - Loop + Kinderhook Horseback Riding System - Davis Run Spur = 58.09 miles

      Road Fork Section - Buckeye/ North Country National Scenic Trail + Archer's Fork Loop Trail (East Side) + Jackson Run Trail + Ohio View Trail + Unofficial On-Road Link: 14.64 miles around.  4.2 miles of this loop are on the Road Fork Section - Buckeye/ North Country National Scenic Trail.  2.46 miles of the unofficial on-road link are on OH-260 & Rinard Mills Road/ C138.

      Scenic River/ Greenwood Trails Loop: 9.14 miles around.  The Whipple Section - Buckeye/ North Country National Scenic Trail is concurrent on it's north side for about 70ft.

      Archer's Fork Loop + Scenic River + Greenwood Trails: 25.2 miles in length.

Other Flood Procedures Not Covered by Whipple Map & Guide

    If Whipple 13 were to be under water, then parts of OH-821 between the community of Whipple and Marietta in Washington County, Ohio USA might also be under? It may be necessary to by-pass the Duck Creek Corridor on the Whipple Section almost entirely.  Highland Ridge Road/ C8 between outer Marietta and Macksburg of Washington Counties, USA might be the way to do this?

NOAA Weather Band Radio Channels and Frequencies

    162.475 - WXJ47 - Channel 03 - High HIll - Road Fork Section - Buckeye Trail (North Country concurrent), Points 01 - 16 and Whipple Section - Buckeye Trail (North Country concurrent), Points 21 - 24.

    162.525 - WWF35 - Channel 07 - Bridgeport - Road Fork Section - Buckeye Trail  (North Country concurrent), Points 21 - 25/ Ring Mill to Rinard Mills Rd/ C138

    ~Bridgeport, Ohio is just west of Wheeling, West Virginia and it's NOAA All Hazards Weather Band station is streamed on-line at http://www.noaaweatherradio.org.~

    162.4 - WNG734 - Channel 02 - Marietta: Road Fork Section (North Country concurrent), Point 01 - Whipple Section - Buckeye Trail (North Country concurrent), Point 21.  Stay tuned to this station for flood reporting on the Little Muskingum River.

          NWS Flood Gauge Locations for:


               Road Fork Section - Buckeye Trail (North Country Concurrent), Points 20 - 21/ Ring Mill, also Hune Bridge Campground - Little Muskingum at Bloomfield (Ohio 26 & Ohio 260)

               Whipple Section - Buckeye Trail (North Country National Scenic concurrent), Points 05 - 06 & Lane Farm Campground - Little Muskingum at Bloomfield & Marietta Pump House

               Whipple Section - Buckeye Trail (North Country Temporary Connector) Points 08 - 18 - Duck Creek OH Near Whipple & Duck Creek at Macksburg.

Web Cams Nearest to the Trail

You can use these to deduce the immediate road conditions and possible snow accumulation on the ground.

The following are links from the "Live Webcams" web page for Best One Computers in Marietta, Ohio and are best for predicting possible conditions from the Whipple Section, Point 01/ Scenic River Trailhead @ County Road 9 - Buckeye Trail (North Country National Scenic concurrent) to Point 13 -  Buckeye Trail (North Country Temporary Connector concurrent):

      Front Street North
      Front Street South
      Marietta Harbor S. W.

For winter conditions pertaining to the Road Fork Section - Buckeye Trail (North Country concurrent), Points 13 - 21/ Ring Mill/ Walter Ring House and Mill Site, call/ text MD Edmonds at (740) 885-9644 for conditions from Woodsfield of Monroe County, Ohio.  If you call, you may need to leave a message at least a day before you leave for your hike in Far SE Ohio.  The process of ascertaining conditions could take up to 2 hours before your planned departure?

In using these cameras, some deduction may need to be made?  Under winter conditions, roads in the backcounty may not be in as good of condition as they are on city cameras.  And off-road trails may be clearer than the grassy areas displayed as forests in Ohio can be slightly warmer.  You'll need to compare the immediate conditions with the forecast of the nearest weather stations as mentioned in this section of Adventurer's Project's website.

Known Issues With Maps     

- There is a discrepancy between the Buckeye Trail Association's measurement of the
Road Fork Section - Buckeye Trail (North Country concurrent) and Adventurer's Project's.  At the moment, Adventurer's Project's data state that it is 2.5 miles longer.     

- The Wayne National Forest map (2003 edition, current) shows the
Whipple Section - Buckeye Trail (North Country National Scenic concurrent) as routed off-road to Hills - Hildreth Covered Bridge.  That is no longer so and the off-road has been truncated.  Please see the map & guide for the Whipple Section, which is sold by the BTA.       

- The Wayne has a Hiking and Mountain Biking map.  It is known to cut off a portion of the
Road Fork Section in the north and the Whipple Section in the west.

Verizon Wireless Signal on the Road Fork and Whipple Sections

Road Fork Section

- Most of Points 01 - 05

- Parts of Points 05 - 06

- Most of Points 07 - 09

[The cellular signal gap on Verizon Wireless between the previous and next area stated here is 24.8 miles long on the Road Fork Section - Buckeye Trail (North Country concurrent). A shelter and two campgrounds are located in this gap.]

- Parts of Points 22 - 26

Whipple Section

- Part of Points 01 - 02

- Middle Portion of Points 02 - 03

- Western Portion of Points 03 - 04

- All of Points 04 - 05

- Some highland portions of Points 05 - 06

-  Parts of Points 07 - 08

- Points of Points 08 - 19 entirely

- Parts of  Points 19 - 23

- Points 23 - 24 entirely

Map Updates and Trail Alerts      These are posted on the Buckeye Trail's website and are not mentioned here.  Circuit wide, the BTA is very active with these and they should be consulted before any hike.  The sections that Adventurer's Project supports can be found at:           


Road Fork Section 

Whipple Section

Open Burn Ban

    Pursuant to the Ohio Revised Code 1503.18, Ohio Department of Natural Resources - Division of Forestry and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, open burning is prohibited between 6am and 6pm in the months of March, April, May and November.

Ohio Atlas and Gazetteer by Delorme

      This is a wonderful paper resource for getting around Ohio.  However, it's track of the Buckeye and North Country Trails are from 2003 and before and should not be relied on for hiking.

Overnight at Bed & Breakfasts 

    If you overnight at a BnB, please keep somethings in mind.  First is that if your boots get muddy, it's recommended that you remove them before entering the establishment.  And if your clothing is soiled, you may want to change at a public facility before you arrive there.  In The Wayne (National Forest), there are vault toilets at the Ring Mill Campground, Lamping Homestead and flush toilets at Leith Run Recreation Areas.  All of these facilities are seasonal and information on them is linked.

    Off of the north east side of The Wilderness Loop, there is an Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) rest area that is located about 3 miles east of the Village of Woodsfield in Monroe County on the south side of OH-78.

Recreational Vehicles

      The campsites at the Ring Mill Campground can be very difficult to maneuver these into.  As of 11/17/2018, the pads are lacking in gravel.  There's a large tree at Camp Site #2 that is very close to the pad.  The weight limit on the bridge for Township Road 575 that leads to the campground is unknown to Adventurer's Project at this time.  It is an aging steel truss bridge.

      There is a campsite on the NW side of the Hune Bridge Campground. This site may be particularly accommodating to RV's that are less than 27ft long.  Hune Covered Bridge has a 5 ton weight limit.  Cullen Road/ Township Road 34 to the southeast of the Hune Bridge Campground is gravel and has a very steep hill with a bend in the road.  Coming into the campground this way is not recommended.

      The best developed primitive campground along the Buckeye/ North Country Trail in the Marietta Unit of the Wayne National Forest for recreational vehicles is Campsites #1 - #3 at the Lane Farm Campground, which is about 6 miles east of Marietta, Ohio and is 2.4 miles from the Whipple Section, Point 7 (10/2010 map & guide).  This area is on Ohio State Route 26.  Those coming from I-77 and Marietta heading northbound on OH-26.  Between I-77 and the Lane Farm Campground is a series of inclines, declines and hairpin turns that is locally known as "Pete Baker Hill."  For those coming over this area with a recreational vehicle, you may want to drive slower and reduce your gear so that you don't burn your brakes.

      Leith Run Recreation Area is the only National Forest Service electric campground in the Marietta Unit.  It is located on Ohio State Route 7 on the Ohio River.  This area is 3.5 miles from the Whipple Section, Points 2 - 3.  However, a 2.93 mile route to the trail can be arranged, but the off-road portion of it is unmaintained and it features a very steep 100ft ascent.  If you'd like details regarding this route, please e-mail info@adventurersohwv.info.


      Aside from lodging establishments, these are located at the Wolf Run State Park near Belle Valley of Noble County, Ohio and the National Forest Service's "Leith Run Recreation Area" near the community of Wade, between the community of Newport and the Village of New Matamoras in Washington County on the north side of the Ohio River.  Showers for non-campers at Wolf Run State Park are $3 per person.

Smartphone GPS Navigation (On Trail or Around the Area)

    The Buckeye Trail Association has digital maps for sale through Avenza Maps.  The easiest way to obtain them is to download the Avenza Maps app on Android or iOS devices.

    Particularly for hikers who originate from outside the area, the roads here have a lot of twists and turns.  Some turns that probably should have advisories, don't.  The easiest highways to navigate are I-77, OH-78 and OH-7.

    The best ways to reach any given point in this area are to spur in from, or to the local highways and county roads.  Driving the on-road trail/ temporary connectors are more direct, but can take longer to reach your destination that way?  In this area, the shortest time between two points is often not a straight line.

Surfaces on the Road Fork Section      6.9298% Pavement      58.062% Gravel      35.0081% Natural Surface

Surfaces on the Whipple Section      20.654% Pavement      40.3431% Gravel      24.0431% Natural Surface

Weather Information

      Television Stations:
            WTAP - Parkersburg, West Virginia for Washington County, Ohio
            WTOP - Steubenville, Ohio for Monroe County, Ohio


            These are all the stations know to be close to the trail that can be used with smartphones.  However, much of this region is without cellular signal.  You may want to invest in a weatherproof CB walkie talkie with the NWS All Hazards (Weather Band Radio) installed.  The pertinent channels and frequencies are located elsewhere on this webpage.

            Road Fork W - Any weather station in Cambridge, Ohio
            Road Fork E - Wheeling Ohio Co Arpt 1200 ft elevation (Wheeling, West Virginia)

            Whipple S & W - Mid-Ohio Valley Rgnl Arpt (Williamstown, West Virginia)
            Whipple - W - Morgan JHS (McConnelsville, Ohio)

Resupply: Restaurants Near the Trail

      Whipple Section, Point 13 - Wrangler Tavern Bar and Grille

      Whipple Section, Point 18 - D & E Drive In, 0.3mi N of this point

Rendezvous Locations

      Portions of the Road Fork and Whipple Sections - Buckeye Trail (North Country concurrent) do have have cellular signal with certain providers (including Verizon Wireless).  It may be best that if you are hiking with another person and they are also driving into the area, that you rendezvous at one of the following locations that have coverage under most major cellular providers:

      - Park-n-Ride, Belle Valley, Ohio

      - Ferguson Memorial Park, New Matamoras, Ohio, parallel park on Grandview Avenue while waiting

      - Kroger Wetlands, Marietta, Ohio, 8am to 6pm only, other alternative may be nearby?

      - Off Ohio 821 near I-77 Exit 6, gas stations are here.

      - Along the south side of Sherborne Road/ Township Rd 301 immediately at I-77 Exit 16 (Ohio 821 - Macksburg).  Ohio 821 runs parallel to I-77 here.  So the road that exits on to is Sherborne.  You should wait on the south side of Sherborne Rd and just west of I-77.

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