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Mileage Chart - Marshall County, West Virginia Overnight Amenities
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Digital Navigation Aids

Digital navigation aids are available on smartphones using the "Avenza Maps" app on iOS and Android devices.

Digital Mile Markers


      Archer's Fork Loop Trail, Unconcurrent

      Lamping Homestead Loops, Unconcurrent

            Long Loop

            Short Loop

      NCT/ BT Off-Road Trail in the Marietta Unit of The Wayne (National Forest)

These files can be used as companion to and a layer in the Avenza maps for the Road Fork and Whipple Sections - Buckeye Trail (North Country concurrent).  It was derived from the USDA FSGeodata Clearinghouse - Data Extract Tool.  The mile markers were then created using GPSVisualizer.

You must be under cellular data or a Wi-Fi signal for these to import properly.

1) Download this file on to your iOS or Android device from the link provided above.  It is recommended that you download this file to your "Download" directory.

2) If you haven't already, please install Avenza Maps from the iTunes App Store for iOS, or the Google Play Store for Android devices.  If you already have it, please skip this step.

3) Open the Avenza Maps app.

4) At the bottom center of your screen, tap "layers." 

5) At the bottom right of your screen, tap the dark orange circle with the "hamburger" symbol (three parallel lines).

6) Again in that area, tap the "Import Layers" dark orange circle.  This time, it will have a downward arrow.

7) Under the heading "From Folder," tap "From Storage Locations." 

8) A warning will come up regarding linking this content to your maps, tap "yes" here.

9) Select either your Road Fork, or Whipple Section map, or both. Then tap the check mark at the top right of your screen.

10) The app may then take you to your download location.  Here you might see the file that reads "NCT_BT Mari....," tap that.  If the file is not present when you do this, you may need to tap on the downward arrow next to the folder name at the top left of your screen and navigate to a location where you downloaded this file to.

11) The file will then be highlighted.  Tap "OPEN" at the top left corner of your screen.

12) Watch the import progress in the bar under the file you just downloaded.  When it's done, your off-road mile markers should be available available on your Road Fork, or Whipple Section Avenza Maps.  You should be able to see them by tapping "My Maps" in the bottom right corner of your screen, then tapping either your Road Fork or Whipple Section Avenza Maps on the next screen.

13) From the section Avenza map, zoom in on a mile marker and tap it.  The off-road trail's mileage should appear when you tap on one of the mile marker icons.

Determining Mileages for the On-Road Trail

Avenza Maps has a "Draw and Measure" feature.  In one of your Avenza maps, at the bottom right of your screen, tap the icon with three vertical dots.  Then tap "Draw and Measure."  Move the map to your desired location and zoom in.  Begin tapping at the start of your route, then continue tapping along all curves and turns to anchor the measurement.  As you do this, the total mileage will be reported towards the top of your screen.

If you notice that a campground/ lodging establishment no longer exists, or you own one of these with in our coverage area and would like to be listed, please contact​.  

Map of Adventurer's Project's Coverage Area

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