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Contained herein are GPS files, which come from different sources.  Some items may have been recorded by armatures.  The locations of items reported may be inaccurate due to the limitations of the device making them, such as smartphones (their antennas may be weaker) versus dedicated hand GPS's.  In any event, there may be inaccuracies due to atmospheric conditions that could offset the reported position of GPS items when the location(s) were recorded.  Also, those conditions can affect the adventurer, or end user as well.

Adventurer's Project and MD Edmonds do not make any assurances to the accuracy of the data or information contained herein.  Also, Adventurer's Project is 3rd party to any distance trail agency.  When using this information, you must always be aware of your surroundings.  Failure to do so may result in bodily harm.  By clicking on the "continue" link, you certify that you have read this disclaimer and understand it's contents.  If there are any questions, please e-mail info@adventurersohwv.info.

Table of Contents

Adventurer's Project
      Primary Coverage Area and Noble County, Ohio Shared Area
      Religious Places in Proximity to the Trail
      Secondary Coverage Area
      Transit Map

Buckeye Trail - Location of Various Walmarts Along The Circuit
Buckeye Trail - Grocers

Lake Metroparks - Chapin Forest Reservation
      Beach Woods Loop Trail
      Lucky Stone Loop Trail (partial)
      Whispering Pines Trail

Lake Metroparks - Fairport Harbor Lakefront Park

Girdled Road Reservation (without the Burton Section - Buckeye Trail)
      Green Darter Connector
      Green Darter Trail
      Oak Leaf Loop Connector
      Oak Leaf Loop Trail
      Overlook Spur
      Skok Meadow Connector
      Skok Meadow Trail
      Surveyor's Woods Connector Trail
      Surveyor's Woods Loop Trail
      Valley View Loop Trail

Lake Metroparks - Grand River Landing

Lake Metroparks - Painesville Township Park

Lake Metroparks - Penitentiary Glenn (without the Bedford Section - Buckeye Trail)
      Bridle Trail
      Bobo Link Loop Trail
      Glen Meadows Loop Trail

      Gorge Rim Loop Trail
      Halle Home Loop Trail
      Kirtland Connector Trail
      Rabbit Run Loop Trail
      Red Fox Loop Trail


Ohio River and Western Railroad (aka Bellaire and Southwestern Railway, Bellaire, Zanesville and Cincinnati Railroad)


Sandy & Beaver Canal

Shawnee State Forest
      Shawnee Section - Buckeye Trail (North Country and American Discovery concurrent) to Campsite #6

Shawnee State Park
      Lodge/ Beach Trail
National Forest Trails - Wayne National Forest

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